I started working with Brennan during the lowest point in my running career. Back-to-back hip surgeries sidelined me for more than two years. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to jog regularly, let alone race and compete at the club level. Brennan closely analyzed my previous training approach and devised innovative ways for me to gain fitness without running high-mileage and further damaging my hips. He designed a series of training blocks that focused on executing high quality workouts. He consistently recalibrated weekly expectations based on my current performance and overall health. In fact, he checked-in with me at least twice a week to reassess my goals, expectations, and progress. The results were astounding. In only my first year back (and working with Brennan), I ran personal best times in the 5k, 10k, and half marathon. More importantly, I remained injury free. I attribute my success to Brennan’s uncanny ability to work with individual athletes to identify novel ways to make fitness gains, as opposed to simply following a rigid, “one size fits all” training plan. Brennan has single-handedly reinvigorated my love for the sport of running by helping me to achieve goals that I, quite frankly, did not believe were possible given my injury history.
— Rob D.
Brennan is the best. His knowledge of training is vast and I have been pleased with his ability to tweak his training for an athlete’s unique situation. He understands that training is an experiment with a sample size of one and there are general rules but there is not a one-size-fits-all solution.
— Matt H.
Before working with Brennan I struggled for 8 years on my own trying to return to my college running form.  All of my solo attempts were frustrating and unsuccessful. Brennan developed a disciplined, effective training program for me and I have now been training consistently for six months, injury-free.  Despite being in my mid-30s, I am logging my fastest times since college cross-country.  

The social pressure of having to share a training log with Brennan has been a key part of my success.  I am far less likely to skip a workout when I have to report that to a coach.  Brennan’s coaching is absolutely the reason my mileage and consistency have improved.
— Matt S.
Before working with Brennan, I dealt with two years of difficult injuries. I had a stress fracture, two stress reactions, a strained achilles, and two rounds of IT band issues. Had I not already qualified for Boston 2016, I would have quit the sport by the end of 2015. I’m so glad that I asked Brennan to coach me through my first Boston. He successfully kept me injury free and helped me run within two minutes of my PR while running significantly less mileage! Since then, I have PR’d in the marathon by over two minutes. Over the past two years, Brennan has coached me through many different distances and has helped me stay competitive AND injury free!
— Dana M.